Born and raised in Minnesota, my love for hunting started out as duck hunting at the age of 3 with my dad and brother, at the age of 12 I started hunting deer in my home state.  From that point on I was hooked on big game.  I started looking west for college and settled on Montana State University Bozeman.  From that point on it didn't take long to realize that elk hunting would have a major emphasis on the next twenty years of my life.  Once college was behind me I headed home to take over the family construction business with my brother.

Now living in Minnesota and hunting several western states every year has created several challenges to overcome from work,  family life, and time with my children.  However nothing compares with the later of those three privilege's. One challenge that I no longer have to deal with his how to legally travel across state lines with a harvested trophy.

As we all know the last several years have created challenges for many hunters who love to travel to hunt multiple states.  With most states now having laws in place to prevent the spread of CWD. bringing our trophy's home put a lot of us in a tough spot.  Knowing that having a taxidermist do all of the work to be legal was not practical for myself or most other hunters. So I created the Bridger Boiler to satisfy a need that I had and I hope that it will also fulfill your needs.


Wishing you a safe and successful hunt this fall,

Eric Doering