Bridger Boiler
Bridger Boiler
Bridger Boiler

Bridger Boiler

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No stone was left unturned when we designed the Bridger Boiler. We hope you see the same value as us with the key design features that make the boiler as user friendly as possible. View Setup & Use Instructions

  • Fits all Big Game Skulls, Elk, Deer, Antelope, Sheep, Bear, etc.
  • Completely self-contained and transportable
  • High quality construction from durable, light weight rust free products to insure long life
  • Sloped wall on the front of boiler to prevent large elk from tipping out of the rear of the boiler
  • Wide stance of support legs to provide a safe stable footprint
  • Completely adjustable antler support bar to maximize skull submersion and minimize antler submersions
  • Adjustable nose support bar for deer, antelope and other small skulls to maximize skull submersion and minimize antler/horn submersion
  • Dual split cover for heat retention and antler cleanliness
  • Minimum sized reservoir to promote faster heating with less energy
  • Reservoir sized just large enough to accommodate all parts storage.
  • Dimensions External 22" long x 12.5" wide x 10" tall
  • Dimensions Internal 19" long x 10" wide x 10" tall
  • Boiler will hold 6.5 gallons when totally full with out a skull 
  • Kit Includes, Bridger boiler tank, two covers, three support legs, burner, hose, regulator, antler support rod, nose support rod, and all hardware.